SBS Chrome Pellet
PublishTime:2012-01-06  Hits:38
    Mintal Group introduce pellets belt roasting oxidation technology from Outotec. The annual output is 700,000 tons SBSTM chrome pellet. SBSTM chrome pellet is mixture of chrome concentrate with small amount of coke fines, through milling, filtrating, pelletizing and sintering, etc. (1)、Symmetrical small size, it is helpful to improve the burden permeability and balance airflow. (2)、High intensity, it will not been crushed easily during transportation, storage and loading. (3)、High metallurgy property and bulk intensity, it will help to increase production output and decrease energy consume. (4)、High reducibility, it can improve the usage of furnace chemical energy. The Cr2O3 content of SBSTM chrome pellet is higher than 42%, the physical property fulfill the YB/T 005~006-91 standard.
抗压强度 抗磨指数(-0.5mm 筛分指数(-6mm 膨胀率
≥2500N/ 3% 1 15
    The size of SBSTM chrome pellet is 6-12mm. The qualified size is more than 98%, only less than 1% lower 6mm size.