Mintal Group, a joint venture with Minmetals as one of its shareholders, is the first Chinese company that employs advanced environmental-friendly alloying technology. Mintal is featured with ultra-large equipment, intelligent and clean production. Production cost and environment impact is largely reduced due to the lower unit energy consumption and far below industry standard emission level. The 1000kt ferrochrome alloy capacity in Baotou will make Mintal ranke . Company’s strategy complies with the China’s “advanced manufacturing 2025 strategy” and Industry 4.0 international standard.Mintal has been devoted to ferrochrome industry for more than ten years. And now Mintal takes a leading position in China’s chrome industry. With “From finite to infinite/ fully utilize resources” as its mission, Mintal has the following three business units:1)  Mintal Group Chrome Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd. committed to the application and development of Chrome, a national strategic resource.2)  Mintal Group Environmental Construction Material Co., Ltd. committed to secondary utilization of smelting resources.3)  Mintal Group Clean Technology Co., Ltd. committed to introducing world advanced industrial technologies.Mintal Group is the vice president company of China Ferroalloys Industry Association, president company of Baotou Metallurgical Industry Association, president company of International Chromium Development Association ICDA in China, founding company of China-Finland Innovative Enterprise Cooperation Committee, council member and the Chinese leader of clean tech professional group.