In 2002, set the experimental unit of ERP in Mintal Group. It is been widely applied in 2008, we build up the Accounting Computerization (U8) and Office Automation (OA), Enterprise Intranet and management system.    In 2005, Mintal Group invested the special steel industry which has great market prospect and development potential.    In September of 2007, Mintal Group took over Wuhai New Century Alloy Company.    In 2007, Mintal Group changed the production model from Multiple Products to Advantages Products Specialization.     In 2007, Mintal Group and its subsidiary company realized the financial integration management.    In August of 2008, Mintal Group realized the Capital Stock Diversification, China Minmetals Corporation and Goldman Sachs became our shareholders. The Sales income increased to 2.3 billion, comparing to the 660 million in 2007.    In 2008, Mintal Group established International Trade Department and Beijing Office in Beijing, and Tianjin Office in Tianjin Port.    In August of 2010, Mintal Group achieved ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification.    In 2010, Mintal Group established and continuously improving the manufacturing management and appraisal system to ensure all the work would function in well planned and highly effective way; and all the work would finish with plan, arrangement, fulfillment and appraisal.    In June, 2011, Mintal Group and Outotec Oyj, signed contract for supply of chromite pelletizing and ferrochrome smelter. This is the first such kind technology upgrade project in China. Outotec technology will improve product quality and reduce energy consumption.